About me…

I am a visual artist, writer and late-to-the-table entrepreneur. I have been a visual artist and writer since I was a little girl. And I think I have always been an entrepreneur – though I didn’t really understand what that meant until I started working at Drexel University’s Close School of Entrepreneurship.

You see, I thought entrepreneurs were people who started businesses that didn’t fail. (I did that – I started a business that failed). Or who designed apps or began a mega-internet company like Facebook. Not a person like me.

I just googled “what does it mean to be an entrepreneur”? This is what it said.

“… a person with great, innovating ideas that identifies the need for the creation of a business to feel a void. Entrepreneurs can be people of all ages. Their characteristics are creativity, imagination and a thirst for work.”

Well, that sure sounds like me. I think my ideas are great (and innovative). I am creative, I love to work, and I have a very active imagination (which may account for my always thinking that my ideas are great!)

More about me

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